Frequently Asked Questions

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Why are we going to Taize? What about Lourdes and Fatima?
Taize was chosen to be part of our pilgrimage because it is a place where youths from all denominations around the world gather to pray and seek God. We believe this is a great opportunity to experience Taize as a group of young people. It is less likely that one would travel to Taize as an individual and at older ages, as opposed to other pilgrimage destinations. For more information on Taize, please visit the official Taize website.
Can I join the journey midway through the trip?
Pilgrims will not be able to join the journey midway through the trip. There are 2 options for the pilgrimage:

Package 1: Depart from Melbourne for the full itinerary and return direct to home city in Australia. (Interstate pilgrims will organise flights into Melbourne)

Package 2 (recommended for international participants): Join the team at Paris for the full itinerary ending in Madrid/Paris (to be confirmed).
Can I stay behind and travel in Europe after WYD?
Yes, you can stay behind for personal travel after WYD. Your homebound flight is flexible subject to the conditions of your ticket.
Where will we be staying?
We will be staying at simple accommodation through the journey. This may include home stay accommodation and school halls.
Why are we all leaving from Melbourne?
Gathering in Melbourne provides an opportunity to meet the team. The journey will begin with a commissioning mass with the Chinese Catholic Community in Melbourne.


Is the Deposit Refundable?
No, the deposit is not refundable.
What is the age limit?
16—35 years of age. Eligible pilgrims must be 16 years old by December 31st 2011.
How do I register?
Please register with Pan Australia Chinese Catholic Community at the Harvest website or refer to the itinerary section of this website.
I am not sure if I can go yet. How can I express my interest?
Please indicate your interest by filling in the expression of interest form. But remember you must be registered by the cut-off date to secure a spot.
When is the deadline for registration?
Registration deadline is 31st January 2011. To register you must pay the AUD$500 non-refundable deposit. However, full payment is not due until 15th April 2011.


How do I prepare for WYD spiritually?
We have designed a formation program to prepare pilgrims joining the Pan Australia CCC WYD journey. There will be formation material for fortnightly gatherings. We strongly encourage all local communities to make use of this material. Please refer to the Library section of this website.
How can my parents contact me?
Pilgrims can arrange their own international roaming. Leaders will have a contactable phone throughout the trip.
What are the plans in case of emergency?
The Australian National WYD office will have a local emergency team stationed in Madrid to provide support for all Australian Groups. We have been advised that they will offer assistance in emergency situations.
Is there a limit on the group size?
While it is our desire to have as many as God calls to join us, there are only a limited number of spaces available. To aid with our organisation, we encourage you to register as soon as possible. In the case where we have too many registered pilgrims, selection will be based on a first in first served basis.
Are there any subsidies?
All Australian participants (excluding Melbourne) will receive a subsidy of AUD$40 for interstate travel into Melbourne. For all other subsidies, please contact your local liaison.
What language will be used?
There will be participants from different Chinese backgrounds. Cantonese and Mandarin will be used, with English being the main language.
Do I have to be Chinese or Catholic to join?
No, as long as you are happy to hang out with a bunch of awesome Chinese Catholic youths.