Pan Australia CCC
World Youth Day 2011 Madrid

6-23 August 2011 - The Journey of A Life Time

Join youths from Chinese Catholic communities across Australia to the World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid. In a 19-day journey, you will start in the French community of Taizé, seeking communion with God in prayer, singing, silence and reflection along with hundreds of other pilgrims, followed by Days of the Dioceses in Barcelona, where you will engage in dialogue and interaction with the local parishes and community. Finally, you will arrive in Madrid for a 7 day pilgrimage journey together with millions of other youths from around the world, celebrating in anticipation for World Youth Day and the final Papal Mass by Pope Benedict XVI.


Australian Flag Presentation

2 May 2011

We received an Australian flag from Senator Collins. Find out more...

Fr. Kelly Joining Sweet n'Sour Cross

24 March 2011

We have just received confirmation that Father Kelly Kam will be joining us to Spain!

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